Benefit of tapping into your alter ego

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Published: 24th November 2010
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I received an email from Andrew Morrison ( His topic was on ‘Communicate With Your Alter Ego’. The email read:

Throughout the ages, writers, actors, and musicians have been able to create distinctive personalities around specific inner emotions. It goes on to say, your tap into this same power.

First, think about what you intend to create? What beauty do you desire to bring into the world? Next, who must you become? What type of impact must you make on society?

Andrew included a link to his YouTube video on this video he introduce us to his alter ego- Cousin Trevor…yes this really is him.

He got me to thinking about just how powerful tapping into your alter ego have to do with revealing your creativity another way of saying this is tapping into your True Self. Sometimes we have to step aside and allow our alter ego permission freedom of expression.

Andrew teaches individuals how to reach their goals, one conclude that to reach one’s goal simply means professionally. Although, to reach one’s ultimate goal in life is Freedom as they reach/embrace ones true self. Similarity, to thinking about what I wanted to create when it came to creating a job that I could be passionate about. I immediately asked myself the question, what is it that I am most passionate about? When do I experience the most freedom? When is it speaks volume to of my core? Without a doubt I answered Creativity. There wasn’t a bone in my body that told me I could not reach my goal as a business owner creating. So, you see the biggest of my task was complete!

Think about it what will embracing your alter ego reveal about your potential professional success?

Peace & Well-Being to you!

Sylvia Johnson

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